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As Northern California faces ever more destructive fires along with associated large scale power outages and as scientists report that far more coastal communities than expected will be submerged by 2050, the government of Chile has announced that, due to rising social unrest, it cannot host the world’s annual negotiation among global leaders to address climate crisis.

We offer here a prayer and an invitation. A call to connect with our hearts, to remember our dedication to the truth and for the vital support we can offer one another. In the poem below, “Sangha,” Danna Faulds’ evocation of fire goes far beyond mere metaphor as the predicted loss and pain of climate crisis becomes our emerging reality.

Flames of the Simi Valley fire ravage Southern California. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Master Sgt. Dennis W. Goff)


Teach me what I cannot learn alone.
Let us share what we know, and what
we cannot fathom. Speak to me of
mysteries, and let us never lie
to one another.

May our fierce and tender longing
fuel the fire in our souls. When we
stand side by side, let us dare to focus
our desire on the truth. May we be
reminders, each for the other, that
the path of transformation passes
through the flames.

To take one step is courageous;
to stay on the path day after day,
choosing the unknown, and facing
yet another fear, that is nothing
short of grace.

©2002 Danna Faulds, first published in Go In and In: Poems from the Heart of Yoga

Picture of Danna Faulds

Danna Faulds

Danna Faulds is a poet who credits the practice of meditation with giving her reliable access to a vivid inner life and creative voice. Danna is the author of seven books of poetry: Go In and In, One Soul, Prayers to the Infinite, From Root to Bloom, Breath of Joy, and What’s True Here, as well as the memoir Into the Heart of Yoga.
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Out of love, Insight teacher Rob Burbea asks us to boldly investigate our agenda for practice. What are its risks and and possibilities in supporting our response to a suffering world?
Beyond hope and hopelessness, how is the world calling us to emerge?
How might we surrender to the uncertainty and possibility of this moment, embracing solidarity with all life?

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