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One Earth Sangha
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In observance of World Poetry Day we offer “Big Lesson,” a poem from Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer. May it support your practice.
Many of us feel we have no one to talk with about ecological crises, despite the severity of the problems we face. Where does this ecological loneliness come from? And how might we break out of our isolation?
Over the past 15 years, Canadian mining companies have quite literally paved the way to increased exploitation of Tibet's people and landscape. Now Chinese industries are reaping the benefits.
Faith Climate Action Week 2023
Our partners at Interfaith Power and Light are inviting people of diverse faith backgrounds to learn about and examine their relationships to food, farming, and the earth this upcoming Earth Day.
Cultivating Just, Equitable Communities
How might a new understanding of mindfulness, one rooted in ethics and social engagement, help unravel systems of exclusion and degradation?
Meditating in Winter
In a world that values endless growth, what lessons does the stillness of winter hold for us? Mark Coleman offers this practice from his book, A Field Guide to Nature Meditation.
How do our fixed opinions about others, acquired over the course of our lives, hold us back from intimacy and solidarity? How can we begin to recognize and unravel them?
Beyond the intrinsic benefits, how might alliances across diverse social groups help us energize our response to ecological crises?
On the 1-year anniversary of Thích Nhất Hạnh's passing, we share his invitation to see the entire world as our Sangha body.
A Meditation to Work with Our Eco-Distress
It's not unusual to feel daunted, frozen, or overwhelmed in the face of environmental crises. Mindfulness teacher Ratnadevi offers this practice specifically designed to help you work with eco-distress and imagine new possibilities for engagement.