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Vipassana Teachers Confront Climate Change

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As we shared in a previous post, on June 11th, the gathering of International Vipassana Teachers at Spirit Rock dedicated themselves to a contemplation of climate change. They were spurred and inspired by you with your 2,000 signatures on the Request for Teachings, signed in just a few weeks before the start of their meeting.

In the 6 minute video below, Catherine McGee, a regular teacher at Gaia House in the UK (a sister center of IMS and Spirit Rock) who helped organize the climate discussion, gives her personal account of what transpired.

At one point in her account, Catherine describes a map of your signatures, an image of burgeoning sangha pathways lighting up around the globe wanting to be in relationship to this issue where there is so much suffering present and yet to come.  Here is that map of your request for teachings and leadership on climate change.  Note that each pin represents not just an individual but a sangha whose members signed onto the Request.

Sanghas signing the Request for Teachings and Leadership on Climate Change
Sanghas signing the Request for Teachings and Leadership on Climate Change
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