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Climate science predicts that as temperatures rise, atmospheric stability falters. So with our politics and even sense of person steadiness, Thanissara, invites us to discover the touchstone that can see us through.
Kaira Jewel gives us a lens on the healing that is possible when we see our practice as deeply relational, whether interpersonal, with one another or regarding the rest of nature.
As part of the United Nation's observance of the International Day of Vesak, Bhikkhu Bodhi's keynote speech connected the Buddha's core teachings to the impending climate crisis.
On the anniversary of the Buddha's awakening, Thanissara and guests gathered on May 18 to break the trance and declare climate emergency.
For many of us in 2018, to track the state of equity, justice, and ecological health has been to feel a trembling resonance with collective suffering. We share here our reflections on 2018 and our ideas for EcoSattva practice in 2019 and beyond.
Gifts and Risks of the Winter Dark
One Earth Sangha's director takes a moment to reflect on the precious unique gifts offered by our particular orientation within the cosmos.
A Brutal Year Ends as Extinction Rebellion Rise
In this intensely personal piece, Thanissara reflects on the events of 2018 and the unprecedented challenges to humanity they represent. She invites us to perceive their deep roots in the domination mindset and how we can, out of sheer necessity, respond with a fierce clarity of heart.
Eco-Dharma...must confront whiteness and privilege in order to "create earnest inter-dependent communities that understand that different people have different privilege and abilities," and seek to act on that understanding.
In writing about the ecodharma of not eating meat, Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard says, "The most striking quality that humans and animals have in common is the capacity to experience suffering."
The Ulex Project
The new Ulex Project is one of three strands of training offered by the EcoDharma Centre -- training to thrive in, and bring healing to, damaged terrain.