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There is great wisdom in the field! Our council of guiding teachers is still in formation as we are seeking voices from across Buddhist traditions, backgrounds and cultural expressions.  We are also forming a more extensive advisory panel of dharma teachers, sangha leaders and organizational leaders.  Send us an email if you’re interested in either group.


Kristin Barker — Director, Co-founder

Kristin is exploring what it means to practice a robust response to environmental and social injustice. She is dedicated to cultivating broad-scale awakening to authentic earth relationship through living Dharma and advocacy. Kristin is a teacher and board member with the Insight Meditation Community of Washington (DC), a GreenFaith fellow and graduate of  the Community Dharma Leader program through Spirit Rock. Kristin is also a co-founder of White Awake whose mission is to develop awareness of race dynamics among white people. She holds a Master’s in Environmental Management from Duke University, has worked as an independent consultant and staff member at several environmental organizations. Kristin is a native of New Mexico and currently lives in Washington DC.

Lou Leonard — Co-founder

Lou Leonard

Lou is a life-long environmentalist who has worked to advance laws, policies and practices that promote care for the Earth and the people and communities that call it home. Lou discovered the dharma as part of his search for balance and support in the face of the difficult emotions that arise as we dedicate ourselves to healing the world and promoting social change. He’s worked in government, civil society, academia and the private sector and currently serves as the leader of the climate change program at World Wildlife Fund, while helping to create One Earth Sangha in his personal capacity. WWF is not affiliated with One Earth Sangha and Lou’s work should not be taken as WWF’s endorsement of One Earth Sangha. Lou is deeply grateful for the refuge he has found in the dharma and the teachers who have helped him find it.

Tashi Gatön — Web Producer

Tashi Gatön

Tashi has been a Buddhist practitioner since 2015, and he recently completed an 18-month temporary monastic residency at Gampo Abbey. His practice has helped him recognize the awesome magnitude of the ecological crisis, as well as its deep interpenetration with racial, gender, economic, and other forms of injustice. He is most interested in person-to-person transformation of ecological and social consciousness, as well as the great spiritual potential of this radically uncertain time. Tashi received his Bachelor’s in East Asian Studies from Wesleyan University, and he spent three years teaching English in Japan, where he fell in love with the mountains and Yoshinogawa River in rural Tokushima. He is from Dallas, Texas and is still deciding where home is.


Ngejung Datsö — Associate Editor

Ngejung Datsö

Ngejung left a career in finance in order to experience change and to fulfill a need to learn about the world beyond the corporate scene. This new path stretched over six years and most of this time was spent in the Emergency Humanitarian sector. From these experiences, life continued along a nomadic path of learning drawing her closer to connecting to the soil itself. Growing, nurturing and harvesting in gardens as a volunteer brought her to a simple, more direct encounter with the Earth. Learning through permaculture practices and woofing led to a longing for eco-community. Ngejung is now transitioning from her most recent community experience at Gampo Abbey in Cape Breton where she has spent three years as a temporary monastic. She is not sure what is next, but there is a hint that it may include slow, simplicity, silence, softness…. She is grateful to be able to help One Earth Sangha in any way that she can.

Peter Nickol — Web Developer / System Administrator

Peter Nickol

Peter is committed to expressing his deep gratitude for life through service to others. His greatest wish is to leverage his 20yrs of professional technical expertise in support of causes in alignment with compassionate living and the insight of interbeing. Along with One Earth Sangha he currently also works with the Buddhist Climate Action Network and the Earth Holder Sangha helping to further their goals of promoting a sustainable relationship with the environment via technology. He practices mindfulness with the Order of Interbeing and works as a Web Developer and Server Administrator just outside of Portland Oregon.

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