• When the Tree Stops Bearing Fruit

    Buddhism emphasizes that our individual actions affect the world around us, and it follows that caring for the natural world begins with each of us.

  • Climate Change is Making us Crazy: Interview with Norman Fischer

    Norman Fisher notes that because the challenge of climate change is a matter of “…human beings thinking and behaving in a way that’s guaranteed to compound our problems,” Zen practices have something vital to offer.

  • Love Letter to New Activists

    Following the People’s Climate Mobilization, we might ask “was that effective?” or “what next?” In her warm and wise letter to new activists, long-time engaged environmentalist, Sarah Vekasi, addresses the importance of a mindful approach to becoming and staying engaged.

  • Green Vesak: Ebullience and Emergence

    On the annual occasion of Vesak, Amelia Willaims uses poetry to explore our relationship with nature and our own Buddha nature.