• Mobilizing on Behalf of Life

    As Buddhists we are committed to the “timeless values of compassion, peace and wisdom.” Ven. Bikkhu Bhodhi calls on us to mobilize in “inspired action to protect the climate.”

  • Let’s Stand Up Together

    Can Buddhist leaders and teachers advocate for social and climate justice yet steer clear of political affiliation? Bikkhu Bodhi encourages bold but non-partisan engagement, envisioning a pan-Buddhist alliance to protect of all vulnerable beings.

  • Gathering a Mindful Presence for the People’s Climate Mobilization

    Let’s gather a strong, mindful presence this April for the People’s Climate Movement. Save the date and start organizing your communities for this opportunity to stand for all children of all species.

  • Autonomism and the Women’s March

    “What the Women’s March has achieved is far more profound than the ascent to power. It is the fundamental cultural shift from power over to power with … from from competition to compassion.” Dharma scholar Shaun Bartone reflects on our common cause for the dignity and liberation and all beings.

  • A Living Prayer

    “What one is bequeathed through the gift of Standing Rock is a clarified, strong, heart, burning with a light of commitment and hope in the face of incalculable odds.” On Dec 4, we learned that prayerful, peaceful efforts at Standing Rock have achieved a first goal. Now we take a breath, offer gratitude, and prepare the next round of compassionate alliance with Water Protectors and Mother Earth.

  • Practices for Challenging Times

    Amidst the still-shaking landscape after the US Presidential election, we might be searching for elusive solid ground. How might we cultivate a true steadiness without running the risk of indifference to suffering?

  • Stand with Standing Rock

    The protectors at Standing Rock are not only challenging the Dakota Access Pipeline project but the fundamental logic of placing private profits over people and planet. Will you stand with Standing Rock?

  • Buddhism and the Sacred Feminine: An Interview with Thanissara – Part 2

    “The sacred feminine” is a convenient term, yet “all distinctions are transcended in our own minds and hearts.” Thanissara suggests ways we may draw on the “collaborative energy of the feminine,” in seeking to transform our current environmental crisis.