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One Earth Sangha welcomes your submissions related to the dharma of caring for the earth, climate and social science, partner organizations and anything else you think might support the One Earth Sangha community.  You can share one resource at a time; after submitting one, you’ll have an opportunity to submit more.

Please be aware that everything we post goes on the public internet so share what you want our community and the whole world to see!

A few notes on sharing photos.  First, we love photos!  They really make our content come alive.  We’re especially interested in photos taken by members of our community.  Second, most of the questions below don’t apply to photos.  The URL to a photo or photo gallery you’re sharing as well as your contact info are most important.  Just use your judgement on the rest.  Finally, by submitting your own photo, you’re (obviously) giving us the right to use it as an image on our site.  Thank you!

Thank you for your generosity.

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