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radical compassion

As the world faces challenges that can feel overwhelming, Anam Thubten explores the potential of prayer to inspire and empower our compassionate response.
In this poem, Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer reflects on the paradox of loving this gorgeous, hurting world.
How can we work with reactivity—our own, and others'—and create the conditions for a truly effective response to ecological crises?
How might we hold the immensity of Wynn Bruce's self-immolation without hardening into fixed view?
With our survival at stake, why do we consistently fail to act on our ecological situation? A Catholic theologian asks what might motivate a genuine collective response.
In this TED Talk, Sister True Dedication of the Zen Plum Village tradition uses the frame of walking practice and three simple questions to support a shift in our consciousness.
Ecodharma pioneer David Loy identifies the essential dharma teachings that can support practitioners in robust and sustainable collective action.
An Earth Meditation
Can we face the truth of the way human beings are altering the Earth without making enemies? Nomi Green invites us to viscerally experience the perspectives of the many beings connected to the tar sands in northern Alberta, Canada.