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Facing Climate Change (Part One)
Skillfully blending compassion and dispassion, Bhikkhu Anālayo explores early Buddhist texts to discover the fundamental role for mindfulness in meeting even the suffering of global climate crisis in this first of a two-part series.
The Ulex Project
The new Ulex Project is one of three strands of training offered by the EcoDharma Centre -- training to thrive in, and bring healing to, damaged terrain.
A Western Soto Zen Buddhist Statement on the Climate Crisis
The Western Soto Zen Buddhist Association's statement on the climate crisis draws from a long term commitment from this rich tradition to Earth, sustainability, and compassion.
Can Buddhist leaders and teachers advocate for social and climate justice yet steer clear of political affiliation? Bikkhu Bodhi encourages bold but non-partisan engagement, envisioning a pan-Buddhist alliance to protect of all vulnerable beings.
A Buddhist Declaration on Climate Change
The Buddhist Declaration on Climate Change. On November 28th, 2015 in Paris, this statement was presented to UN climate negotiators with other faith statements around the world.
Marty Janowitz continues his exploration of the Dharma of climate change. He suggests that we cannot substantively work to alter the societal paradigm if we are not simultaneously altering our own internal paradigm.
Climate Activism and Buddhist Practice
Marty Janowitz from the Shambhala tradition suggests that the ecological crises call for simultaneous practice in inner peace and consistent bravery.
Dharma teacher and activist Thanissara urges us to move "beyond a personal introversion and quietism" and apply the Buddha's radical teachings to the catastrophe of climate change and its underlying causes.
Discovering Our Collective Place in the World
"We cannot return to nature because we have never left it. " In this article, Buddhist scholar and Zen teacher David Loy explores the parallels in our individual and collective predicaments and the parallel paths that might heal.
A San Francisco Insight Sangha Insight News Interview with Thanissara
With the People's Climate March just three weeks away, Dharma teacher Thanissara suggests that the Buddhist perspective has much to contribute to this activist moment.