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One Earth Sangha

Giving Nature Back to Itself

How might we discover a reciprocal and non-extractive nature-based practice? Susie Harrington led this EcoDharma Exploration on November 19, 2023.

A Seamless Belonging

Fern-covered stairway in a forest

In this EcoDharma Exploration on October 22, 2023, Insight practitioner and environmental educator Rupert Marques invited us to uncover the uniqueness and universality of our embeddedness in our world.

The EcoSattva Training

The EcoSattva Training is a journey designed to support you in reckoning with and responding to ecological crises. It unfolds over a series of eight sessions, each of which provides teachings from a diverse group of leaders along with practices, contemplations, and follow up resources.

Dharma and Nature

How might Dharma call us into community with our non-human relatives? Birder and Dharma teacher Anushka Fernandopulle led this EcoDharma Exploration on September 24.

In Search of Enduring Sangha

How might we find and build communities that nourish practice, engagement, and our very being? One Earth Sangha assistant director Tashi Black facilitated this EcoDharma Exploration on August 27.

Making Friends with Precarity

As the conditions for life on Earth change rapidly around us, how might we re-acquaint ourselves with our inherent vulnerability? One Earth Sangha director Kristin Barker led this EcoDharma Exploration on July 23.

Listening, Loving, Responding

What is it to chaplain one another through the eco-social crises of our time? Kirsten Rudestam led this EcoDharma Exploration on June 25.

Love this World

What would it mean to love our planet exactly as it is? Adam Lobel led this EcoDharma Exploration on March 19.