The Support of the Five Elements

Dr. Valerie (Vimalasara) Mason-John, senior teacher in the Triratna Buddhist Community and award-winning author, leads this EcoDharma Exploration on March 20.

EcoDharma Explorations

One Earth Sangha offers EcoDharma Explorations on the third Sunday of every month. Each of these gatherings focuses on a particular facet of EcoDharma. Recordings are provided for anyone who cannot attend or wishes to revisit a gathering. EcoDharma Explorations are supported by your donations, with no required registration fee. Register for an EcoDharma Exploration […]

Connected and Embedded

How can we honor the true impact of our everyday living and embrace our belonging to this world? Susie Harrington of Desert Dharma was our featured guest on December 19, 2021 for this EcoDharma Exploration.

Compassion in Action

In this EcoDharma Exploration on January 23, environmental lawyer Melissa Hoffer offers an update on US environmental policy and how we can bridge the gap between aspiration and action.

EcoSattva Training Participant Survey

Thank you so much for being a part of One Earth Sangha’s EcoSattva Training course. We are asking for your honest feedback in order to improve our future offerings. Any responses shared with session leaders will be anonymized. Please complete the survey below if you have completed the course, or if you have stopped and […]

Session Eight

In the closing session, we’ll how the process of letting go, going deep and reforming ourselves can become a regular part of our practice. We’ll also look at how we can create sacred and nourishing spaces in our Sanghas that support authentic investigation and diverse forms of engagement. We might take our own EcoSattva Vows together and discover how connections we’ve made here can go forward.

Session Seven

Equipped with a deeply rooted sense of our belonging and calling, we turn outward. In earlier sessions, we opened up some of the habitual but limited ways that we engage with others around social transformation. Now we’ll look at what does work supported by research and our own honed wisdom. We’ll clarify in particular our agency in relationships (implicit and explicit) and groups (social norming) as well as what sabotages that agency.