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Connected and Embedded

How can we honor the true impact of our everyday living and embrace our belonging to this world? Susie Harrington of Desert Dharma was our featured guest on December 19, 2021 for this EcoDharma Exploration.

Compassion in Action

In this EcoDharma Exploration on January 23, environmental lawyer Melissa Hoffer offers an update on US environmental policy and how we can bridge the gap between aspiration and action.

Bound to Each Other

Welcome. We are so grateful you are joining us for our August EcoDharma Exploration with featured guest Dekila Chungyalpa. We encourage you to engage with the practices and teachings offered here at your own pace, as an individual or in a group. How to Use These Materials Opening the Space Preliminary Reading Guided Meditation Core […]

Bound to Each Other

The truth of interdependence is both beautiful and fearsome. Understanding that there is no escape from our collective situation, we can discover boundless and inspired compassion.

Going Forth

Opportunities for Engaged Practice Related Initiatives Additional Resources Offer Feedback Support This Offering Community Discussion Opportunities for Engaged Practice Take the time to attune to your local bio-region. Ask how climate mutation and global warming are affecting your specific region. For example: What tree species will be most affected as temperatures warm, or as there […]