Are you wanting to try meditation, explore Dharma or keep a regular meditation practice going? Come sit and explore the Dharma with us.

I started this group to meet like minded folk, who want to explore and wake up together. I also want to share the many benefits I have experienced from over 18 years of deep mind and heart training from my wonderful teachers, Qapel (Achariya Doug Duncan) & Sensei (Catherine Pawasarat Sensei) as well as the community at Clear Sky Centre.

Why do I meditate? Life is richer when I do. I am more joyful and I have more energy and clarity to draw from.

Why do I like to meditate and explore with others? It can take you deeper, quicker. And, it's more fun. Others can be the catalyst for experiences and insights we might never have on our own in meditation. They can be the sand in our oyster that creates the pearl.

What will we explore? How to bring the Dharma into our modern day lives based on real life experiences and texts from Planet Dharma and Clear Sky