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On the 1-year anniversary of Thích Nhất Hạnh's passing, we share his invitation to see the entire world as our Sangha body.
Advancing Climate Solutions Rooted in an Understanding of Our Interdependence
The field of contemplative studies often focuses disproportionately on Buddhism. In this thorough and evocative article, Dr. Yuria Celidwen lays out the case for Indigenous contemplative science as a pathway to collective flourishing.
As the world faces challenges that can feel overwhelming, Anam Thubten explores the potential of prayer to inspire and empower our compassionate response.
Where do "I" end, and where does the Earth begin? In this video, Sensei Alex Kakuyo invites us to explore how our priorities might shift if we relax our bounded sense of self.
Employing the Full Spectrum of Our Emotions
Are we really "out of time"? In this excerpt from her book Generation Dread, Britt Wray invites us to complicate our internal narratives about Earth and our society.
The sheer variety and magnitude of suffering in the world can be difficult to bear. But what might we discover if we turn toward the full complexity of our situation and abandon false narratives of our own powerlessness?
Mindfulness and Compassion as Pathways to a More Sustainable Future
In this essay, Christine Wamsler explores an overlooked driver of ecological crises—the feedback loop between the human mind and planetary systems. How might a deeper understanding of this connection transform our relationship with Earth?
Buddhism, Social Change, and Skillful Means
How should our practice influence our political engagement? In 2012, three Buddhist leaders explored this provocative question in a conversation that feels just as urgent today as it did then.
How can we respond effectively to suffering, enmeshed as we are within the very systems that perpetuate it?
We Cannot Ignore Buddhist Extremism
Why are so many Buddhist practitioners reluctant to acknowledge Buddhist extremism? How can we respond when hateful ideologies take root and cause harm within our own traditions?