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One Earth Sangha
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Foundations of One Earth Sangha
One Earth Sangha exists in part to evolve and share EcoDharma. But how do we define EcoDharma, what does it emphasize, and why do we consider this part of our mission?
The grief of the world can feel overwhelming. But what if opening to and expressing this grief can free us to respond authentically to the suffering all around us?
The Future We’re Making in the Present
In this excerpt from their series of conversations on "meeting the climate future," Christiana Figueres, Rebecca Solnit, and Roshi Joan Halifax explore the emergence of new collective stories about ecological crises.
How can we live amid the anguish unfolding in the world? One possible answer is to commit ourselves to the cultivation of goodness.
The institutionalized demand for endless growth is pushing us past safe planetary boundaries. How might we liberate ourselves from this disastrous collective dream?
Can those of us embedded within modernity—particularly those who materially benefit from it—learn to live against it?
Amid the mounting challenges that beset our world, a set of seemingly impossible vows can help us cultivate boundless courage and compassion.
What would it mean to enter into an unconditional relationship with Earth, lovingly embracing every facet of its beauty, suffering, wonder, and mutation?
Meeting the Climate Future
In the first of a series of conversations with Roshi Joan Halifax and Rebecca Solnit, Christiana Figueres shares how grief and loss ground her ecological engagement and spiritual practice.
The first foundation of mindfulness invites intimate awareness of our body. What happens when we understand this body to include Earth itself?