Action Campaigns

In the wake of the violence in Paris, the focus of mobilization is shifting to solidarity events and practices around the world. Lou Leonard offers here an update on those events and the ways you and your community can get involved.
In accordance with the global climate talks in Paris, join Buddhists around the world in practices to develop awareness of interdependence with all beings and reduce our carbon emissions.
Earth Initiative Public Workshop
Come learn about the Earth Initiative at the Zen Center of New York City. This special workshop is tailored for other sister-sanghas who are eager to hear about the Zen Center NYC’s 5-year project to live in harmony with our mother earth.
We are planetary. The truth of our interconnection to each other and Earth is beautifully explored in this new film by three Dharma practitioners featuring some of the leading wisdom teachers of our time. Make Planetary part of your Earth Day celebration!
For one hour, use your power to change the world. Climate change is the great teacher of our interdependence, with each other and Earth. Open to this wonder by turning off your lights for one Earth Hour tonight at 8:30 pm, wherever you are.
“Make of yourself a light,” the Buddha advised. On Sunday evening December 7th, spiritual traditions of all kinds will join together in a global candlelight vigil to support a strong outcome at the UN climate change negotiations in Lima, Peru. Can you add your light?
We make our future, minute by minute. Here is what you can do right now: in NYC and around the world, join the People's Climate March.