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Picture of Rupert Marques

Rupert Marques

Rupert Marques has a background in environmental and outdoor education. He has practiced in the insight meditation tradition for over 25 years in Europe, America and Asia, and teaches in Europe and beyond. Rupert also trained with The School of Lost Borders in contemporary wilderness rites of passage and now trains others in this work. He spent 4 years living and working at Ecodharma, a contemplative community in the Spanish Pyrenees dedicated to exploring the role of the Dharma in the movements for social justice and ecological sustainability. He works with individuals and organizations offering a range of retreats and trainings with a particular interest in exploring the intersection of contemplative practice with nature-based practice.
What happens when we recognize that the very substances and processes of this being human reflect our grand belonging to this world?

Eco-Centric Development and the Four Foundations of Mindfulness

In this EcoDharma Exploration on October 22, 2023, Insight practitioner and environmental educator Rupert Marques invited us to uncover the uniqueness and universality of our embeddedness in our world.