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One Earth Sangha

One Earth Sangha

One Earth Sangha strives to support humanity in a transformative response to ecological crises based on the insights and practices of the Buddhist tradition. Learn more about our team or our mission and history.
What does it mean to follow the path of spiritual warriorship or to be an ecosattva? The leadership council of the Shambhala Community has issued a statement exploring the role of the spiritual warrior that resonates for all Buddhist traditions.
For the closing of gatherings, a practice of giving away any and all benefits.
Standing Up for All Children of All Species
Let's gather a strong, mindful presence this April for the People's Climate Movement. Save the dates of April 2 and 29 and then start organizing your communities for this opportunity to stand for all children of all species.
Join One Earth Sangha and the mindfulness community in walking together at the Women's March in Washington DC and in sister marches around the world.
Join us in supporting a mindfulness/Buddhist contingent to be present, to bear witness, to be counted, to be in direct solidarity with the Water Protectors at Standing Rock.
A Buddhist Statement of Support for the Standing Rock action and Water is Life Protectors
To protect life, we must protect water. An alliance of Buddhist communities stands in solidarity with Indigenous water protectors, and your voice and support are needed.
Faith traditions the world over gathered on June 12 to inspire protection of sacred Earth. The live webinar we offered on that day featuring Jayna Geiber from the Order of Interbeing is available here.
We invite you to join and share the call to governments from faith communities around the world for a decisive, wise and compassionate response.
On Saturday, 19 March 2016 at 8:30 p.m., a rolling hour of renunciation will encircle the world. How will you practice this Earth Hour?
Join the Thích Nhất Hạnh community at Deer Park in Southern California for this special retreat to grow in our energy and skillful means as we engage the great perils of our time.