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Picture of Kokuu Andy McLellan

Kokuu Andy McLellan

Kokuu Andy McLellan is a transmitted teacher in the Rempo Niwa-Gudō Nishijima lineage of Sōtō Zen. They previously worked as a plant biologist in the Institute for Environmental Science at the University of Zurich in Switzerland, but a career in science was cut short due to the onset of a chronic illness that continues to this day. Their interests in Buddhist practice are divided between supporting sangha with physical illness and disability, and exploring the use of the buddhadharma in helping us to work with current environmental crises. They have an ongoing project to record audio readings of the Shōbōgenzō of Eihei Dōgen, a key Sōtō Zen text, and other Buddhist teachings, for those who struggle to read print text for any reason. These recordings can be found on Soundcloud. Kokuu’s home sangha, Treeleaf Zendo, has pioneered online Zen practice over the last two decades, including priest training for those unable to access traditional training, through the Monastery of Open Doors.

A Guided Meditation for the Biomes of the Earth

In this Earth-centered practice of tonglen, or sending and taking, Zen teacher Kokuu Andy McLellan invites us to breathe in the suffering of our planet's six major biomes and send out our love and compassion in exchange.