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Aloka Vihara Honors Earth Care Week


In observance of the first annual Earth Care Week, the Aloka Vihara community in San Francisco, California, USA has put together a beautiful itinerary, open to the public.
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In observance of the first annual Earth Care Week, our dear friends at the Aloka Vihara community in San Francisco, California, USA have put together a beautiful itinerary, open to the public. Consistent with the spirit of cooperation we wanted to inspire, some of their events are coordinated with the Dhammadharini Bhikkhuni nuns sangha and Karuna Buddhist Vihara (Compassion Monastery). Their week also features a direct act of service and compassion with a Walk to Feed the Hungry.

Aloka Vihara nuns with Saranaloka board president, 2013

Oct 1, Opening Evening for Earth Care Week at the Vihara

  • Video showing ‘Story of Stuff’ followed by tea with the commmunity
  • Video showing ‘Happy’ followed by sharing & discussion
  • Puja (expressions of honour, worship and devotional attention) & Individual Determinations & Protection Chanting for the Earth

Oct 3, At your home: A Day Without Electricity

  • Remembering the Buddha’s last words: “Be a light unto yourself”, we will not use any lights or appliances (except fridge & freezer) for the whole day. An investigation of our dependency on electricity to illuminate the heart and mind – please join us for an electricity-free day in your own home if you can.

Oct 4, Lunar (New Moon) Observance at the Vihara with the Dhammadharini Bhikkhuni Sangha

  • Meal with Dhammadharini Nuns Sangha followed by the Patimokkha Recitation and then tea
  • Puja and Dhamma Sharing on Earth Care and Climate Change

Oct 5, Honoring Earth Care Week at Karuna Buddhist Vihara, Milbrae

  • Tea with guests
  • Puja (expressions of “honour, worship and devotional attention) & Panel Discussion

Oct 6, Buddhist Global Relief Walk in San Jose

Oct 7, Closing Evening for Earth Care Week at the vihara

  • Sutta Discussion related to Climate Change (AN 7:66)
  • Puja  & Protection Chanting for the Earth
Picture of One Earth Sangha

One Earth Sangha

One Earth Sangha strives to support humanity in a transformative response to ecological crises based on the insights and practices of the Buddhist tradition. Learn more about our team or our mission and history.
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