Our work happens only through Sangha, our excellent community of volunteers, donors and sponsors. Learn more about our current volunteers and volunteering opportunities.

Supporting Organizations

GreenFaith is our fiscal sponsor and provides bookkeeping, insurance and the benefits of tax status. We also partner with GreenFaith on interfaith initatives that engage spiritual and religious communities around the world in climate action. We are grateful to Fletcher, Karyn, Deb, Chris, Norma and the whole GreenFaith team.

Intersein Foundation
Our EcoSattva Training is funded in part by the Intersein Foundation. Named in recognition of the concept of “interbeing” first coined by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hahn, this foundation “seeks to embody engaged Buddhism, a spirituality that strives to take on responsibility.”  We are honored and delighted to receive their support for the EcoSattva Training.

Insight Meditation Community of Washington
From the beginning, the Insight Meditation Community of Washington (DC) has been the home Sangha for both founders, Kristin and Lou, an early champion of our work and our first fiscal sponsor. We couldn’t be more grateful to Tara, Hugh, Anne, and the whole IMCW family for their trust and support.

Mindfulness and Dharma Partners

One Earth Sangha is honored to work with several organizations in the Buddhist tradition who engage on ecological issues.

Collaboration Partners

We are also grateful to work in coalition with a number of faith organization who, like us, seek to both represent and engage their communities on ecological issues.

Technical Sponsors

As ours is a site hosted on Ubuntu using a number of open-source solutions, we have benefited from the magnificent community of developers who share the results of their craft without explicit charge.

We are also grateful to the following software companies for supporting not-for-profit organizations like our own with discounts on their solutions.

If you’re interested in making a financial contribution, we would be honored to receive your donation. If you would like to join our volunteer team, learn about our current opportunities and get in touch.