Action Campaigns

As Buddhists we are committed to the "timeless values of compassion, peace and wisdom." Ven. Bikkhu Bhodhi calls on us to mobilize in "inspired action to protect the climate."
The protectors at Standing Rock are not only challenging the Dakota Access Pipeline project but the fundamental logic of placing private profits over people and planet. Will you stand with Standing Rock?
Rev. Fletcher Harper of GreenFaith observes, "it is our sacred duty to protect the vulnerable, to provide for the future of our children, to show compassion to the earth. Today, we accept this responsibility."
Retreat for Academicians and Activists
One of the emerging voices in EcoDharma, Kritee Kanko, wants you to join her this summer in the high desert for contemplation practice and an exploration of appropriate response.
On Saturday, 19 March 2016 at 8:30 p.m., a rolling hour of renunciation will encircle the world. How will you practice this Earth Hour?