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What It All Comes Down To


What it all comes down to

© Adrian Newell from Unsplash

is learning to let go.
Just when you begin
to get comfortable, along comes
another heart-wrenching goodbye.

Being forced to release
my tenuous hold
on one I love and withstand
an uprooting storm
of impending separation,
I find myself trying to fill a hollow
that cannot be satisfied.

Often, even with the heavens
blue to the horizon,
I hear the distant thunderclaps
of squalls to come.

Pushed to delve deeper
into my practice,
into what it means to carry on,
I slowly begin to feel
a little lighter, the band
around my heart a little looser,
my breath a bit easier.

In a way, we are all preparing
to depart,
each of us under the same sky
raining unstoppable change.

Carolyn Chilton Casas

Carolyn Chilton Casas

Carolyn Chilton Casas is a Reiki master and teacher whose favorite themes to write about are nature, mindfulness, and ways to heal. Her articles and poems have appeared in Braided Way, Energy, Grateful Living, Reiki News Magazine, and in other publications. You can read more of Carolyn’s work on Facebook, on Instagram @mindfulpoet_, and in her collection of poems, Our Shared Breath, as well as a forthcoming collection, Under the Same Sky.
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