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Ryan Tuozzolo

Ryan Tuozzolo

Ryan is an undergraduate at UC Berkeley studying Comparative Literature with a particular interest in 20th century critical theory. Her formal meditation practice, begun at the beginning of 2020, remains relatively new, but she has felt drawn to the grounded ‘here-ness’ of various Buddhist meditation practices for years. Ryan believes strongly in the urgency of contemporary spaces that nourish modes of reflection and contemplation for individual and social wellbeing, and in fact survival. She feels grateful to work with One Earth Sangha in cultivating such a space through the dharma, and for the exposure to dharma teachers who face the climate crisis with eyes wide open. Ryan is from San Francisco, but currently lives in (the absurdly beautiful) North Berkeley.
A Review of ‘This Fragile Planet’
This new publication highlights the Dalai Lama’s efforts to conserve Tibet, and the likely global ramifications of inaction.