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Session Three

Hindrances to the EcoSattva Path at the Individual Level

In session three, we dive into the heart of the course. Here we leverage the Buddhist notion of “hindrances” (as that which interrupts our intention to be present) and examine that which inhibits our ability to effectively meet the climate and other ecological crises. We’ll look closely at internal and interpersonal challenges that we all face in being with the raw experience of life under siege.

Groups: For ideas on how to structure your meeting time, see the new addition under “Session Format” on the Course Resources page.

Session Leaders

Dharmachari Guhyapati – Triratna Buddhist Order

Guhyapati is the founder of the ecodharma centre in the Catalan Pyrenees, which combines a retreat and education centre with post-capitalist community living. Thirty years of Dharma practice and social activism, together with an astute sense of group dynamics, inform his facilitation of participatory and holistic learning. He was ordained in the Triratna Buddhist Order in 1994. In recent years he has given much of his time to the development of trainings focused on engaged Buddhism and sustainable activism. His love of the mountains finds expression in guiding wilderness immersion retreats and teaching radical ecology.

Alex Swain – Triratna Buddhist Order

Alex facilitates courses geared towards social and personal transformation at the eco-dharma centre, where she lives and works as Project Coordinator. Her history of political activism has involved her in direct action and affinity group work focused on climate justice, ant-capitalism, queer politics and gender identity. A strong focus on the somatic dimension (informed by her work as a dance artist and yoga teacher) underpins both her approach to the dharma and work to promote social change. Her Buddhist practice has been influenced by teachers of various traditions and she’s currently undertaking the ordination training of the Triratna Buddhist Order.

Resources for Session Three

Homework to prepare for this session:

Session audio recording:
[mp3-jplayer captions=”2016 EcoSattva Training” tracks=”Session 3: Hindrances at the Individual Level@/wp-content/uploads/resources/est/session-3/EcoSattva%20Training%202016%20-%20Session%203.mp3″ images=”×300.png” dload=”y”]

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  • 0:00–6:33: Introduction to session two — Thanissara
  • 6:34–19:56: Hindrences at the Individual Level, Part 1 — Guhyapati and Alex
  • 19:57–21:50: Breakout session 1 (we recommend groups of 3 or 4 in open conversation)
    • Inquiry: “Do I invest in Dharma practice in the hope of some kind of escape? Can I envision a liberation that’s integrated with action in the world?”
  • 21:51–31:14: Hindrences at the Individual Level, Part 2 — Guhyapati and Alex
  • 31:15–32:19: Breakout session 2 (we recommend groups of 3 or 4 in open conversation)
    • Inquiry: “What is the balance of action and reflection in your life right now? Can you imagine a more helpful balance? How can that be supported?”
  • 32:20–45:27: Hindrences at the Individual Level, Part 3 — Guhyapati and Alex
  • 45:28–46:19: Breakout session 3 (we recommend groups of 3 or 4 in open conversation)
    • Inquiry: “What are the main obstcales to entering into closer collaborative relationships? How might I overcome those obstacles?”
  • 46:20–53:02: Community Harvest (comments and questions from the field)
  • 53:03–1:10:44: 2016 Science and Policy Update — Lou
  • 1:10:45–1:11:39: Resources for session 3 — Kristin
  • 1:11:40–1:12:48: Closing — Thanissara
  • 1:12:49–1:14:10: Dedication of Merit — Alex


Session transcript (2015 version): [download id=”4236″] (PDF)

Optional Follow-Up Resources:

Dana – Generosity

To maximize participation, we are offering this series at minimal cost. All of the teachers and leaders on these calls offer their gifts freely in this spirit of dana. In addition, One Earth Sangha has full-time staff who will be supported through the practice of dana, or generosity, from people like you.

If you value this and other offerings from One Earth Sangha and want to support a Dharma-informed response to ecological crises, we invite you to support these efforts. Dana, or generosity, is considered an essential part of practice. We simply cannot continue our work without your support. Any amount you offer is deeply appreciated.

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