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Invitation to Share Dharma

Part of the mission of One Earth Sangha is to share the Dharma.  At this early stage in our development, we are looking to establish the foundation of Dharma that explores how Buddhist teachings speak to climate change and our relationship to the earth.  So much has been said and written already that can be harvested.  As well, we welcome new interpretations of the Dharma as we are inspired by the challenge of large-scale transformation that begins in each human heart.   We invite you to consider sharing Dharma with the One Earth Sangha community by writing a short article for us to post on our site at www.OneEarthSangha.org.


Dharma offerings will take the form of individual “posts” or relatively short articles that are published on the One Earth Sangha website.  Here’s how the process of sharing Dharma with One Earth Sangha works:

  1. Provide your article in an email to with the text in an attachment or directly in the email.  If there are any companion images (see the guidelines below), include those as an attachment as well.
  2. We’ll convert your article text and any companion images to a “post” on our site, categorized and linked so that readers will find your article when exploring similar topics.
  3. Once a draft is ready on the site, we’ll send you a link for you to review.
  4. Only after you give us the green light, we’ll publish the article on our site for all to experience!

Guidelines for Posts

If you are unfamiliar with sharing this kind of content over the web, here are four guidelines that might be helpful.  However, if you have any questions not covered here, please don’t hesitate to contact us at .

  1. Consider Length
    We at One Earth Sangha generally recommend a length of 400-800 words for a single post.  Some topics just won’t work in that short a frame, so please share what you think works and we’ll make the call together to either go forward with a longer post or break it up into a series.
  2. Cite Sources
    You may want to refer to another online article, book or other source within your post. In addition to proper attribution, readers appreciate the ability to learn more about a quote in its original context.  Citing is as simple as providing the original author’s name and the publication or website. If the source is a website, you can provide a link to the specific page on the site.
  3. Be Inviting
    One of the most unique aspects of online offerings like this is the social impact. At One Earth Sangha, we want to welcome readers and invite them to join a two-way conversation. You can encourage sangha members to engage by posing questions.  Readers can respond to your questions and others in the form of leaving comments at the end of your post.  All reader comments will be approved by the One Earth Sangha team so that nothing inappropriate is posted.
  4. Include an Image
    Images help your offering come to life and will help us present it on the website so including image files or image links is ideal.  If you don’t have images, however, no problem.  We’ll find something that we think works and run it by you before the article is published.

Again, if you have any doubts, just ask and we’ll help you figure out how to get your Dharma ready for the site.  Finally, we are deeply grateful for any offerings of Dharma at this early stage in the life of One Earth Sangha.  Thank you for considering the sharing of needed wisdom.

With deep gratitude,

The Staff at One Earth Sangha