Engaged Sangha

There are so many vibrant earth and green sanghas doing beautiful work in various geographies and Buddhist traditions. One aspect of the mission of One Earth Sangha is to build awareness of and support these local groups. Our “Web of Sangha” collection will highlight the activities of such sanghas and help individuals find each other to form new groups.

We feature a growing numberof green groups including:

Track their updates here or on the individual pages above. And be sure to tell about local groups you know of that are exploring the intersection of ecology, caring for the earth and a Buddhist or mindfulness path.

Buddhists Go to the White House

For a day, a number of Buddhist leaders came together in Washington, DC for the first “White House—U.S. Buddhist Leadership Conference,” the subject at hand being “Voices in the Square—Action in the World.” In this article, Hozan Alan Senauke reflects on the moment.

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Sitting in Protest of ‘Gross Negligence’

Joining with other spiritual traditions and artists, the Dharma Action Network for Climate Engagement (DANCE) organized a protest against “Gross Negligence” on the part of British Petroleum. This is how we can “multiply our courage.”

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This Is the Time

Brother Protection (Thay Phap Ho), a monk in the Thich Nhat Hanh tradition, urges all of us to reach out to our fellow sangha members and encourage them to join in on The People’s Climate March, Sept 21 for this global moment of consciousness.

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Eco-Dharma Conference-Retreat

We are coming together. This August, join members of One Earth Sangha for a conference/retreat online or live in New Hampshire, USA featuring David Loy, Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi, Colin Beaven and Rev. angel Kyodo williams.

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Emotional Resilience in a Warming World

In many ways, our practice is preparation for intensity. Impending climate change can therefore be seen as an individual, communal and global call to practice. Our friends at Melbourne Insight Meditation are exploring how the path of awakening can help us stay present and true to our nature.

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Earth Holding and Protecting: Engaged Buddhist Theme Weekend

On April 11-13, 2014, Deer Park Monastery gathered the community for an engaged Buddhism weekend retreat to nurture Earth Holding practices and a joyful, sustainable lifestyle.

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Loving the Earth: Awareness, Action and Celebration

Join Spirit Rock in their second annual Earth Day event. We will bring our attention to the urgency of climate change, and the capacity of our community to respond appropriately and compassionately. We hope you will go home inspired to act!

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Sitting Through the Night for Trees

Meditators in Devon, Brighton, Bristol, Cornwall, London and Milton Keynes, all sat together in solidarity for a very special night of practice and dedications, raising money for Tree Aid, an environmental charity working with local communities in Africa.

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Touch the Earth in January/February

Reflections and activities from the Touch the Earth Sangha in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

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Imagining the Future We Want

Green Sangha is hosting a mini-retreat: “Conversations about the Future.” Maeve Murphy will lead us in exploratory exercises from Joanna Macy’s Work That Reconnects, reflecting on our wishes and hopes for the future, imagining the resources we need to realize our dreams for the planet.

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