Engaged Sangha

There are so many vibrant earth and green sanghas doing beautiful work in various geographies and Buddhist traditions. One aspect of the mission of One Earth Sangha is to build awareness of and support these local groups. Our “Web of Sangha” collection will highlight the activities of such sanghas.

Imagining the Future We Want

Green Sangha is hosting a mini-retreat: “Conversations about the Future.” Maeve Murphy will lead us in exploratory exercises from Joanna Macy’s Work That Reconnects, reflecting on our wishes and hopes for the future, imagining the resources we need to realize our dreams for the planet.

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Green Sangha Chapter News
Arbor Day

The Green Sangha in in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, US. is honoring Arbor Day with a gathering of earth stewards to plant native trees.

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Aloka Vihara Honors Earth Care Week

Aloka Vihara nuns with Saranaloka board president, 2013

In observance of the first annual Earth Care Week, the Aloka Vihara community in San Francisco, California, USA has put together a beautiful itinerary, open to the public.

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Announcing Earth Care Week

Wise action in the face of climate change can be an important and satisfying part of our practice. We invite you to join us in Earth Care Week, an annual expression of brave presence with the natural world in this time of great change.

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The Awakening That Is Possible – Vipassana Teachers Confront Climate Change

On June 11th, 2013, the International Vipassana Teachers gathered at Spirit Rock for their triennial meeting and in that specifically discussed how the Insight meditation community might support a wise response to climate change.

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Welcome to One Earth Sangha

Welcome to One Earth Sangha. This site has just been born, and is poised for rapid growth. In coordination with Gaia House in the UK and Green Sangha in the Bay Area, we’re currently hosting the Request for Teachings… Read More

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