Engaged Sangha

There are so many vibrant earth and green sanghas doing beautiful work in various geographies and Buddhist traditions. One aspect of the mission of One Earth Sangha is to build awareness of and support these local groups. Our “Web of Sangha” collection will highlight the activities of such sanghas and help individuals find each other to form new groups.

We feature a growing numberof green groups including:

Track their updates here or on the individual pages above. And be sure to tell about local groups you know of that are exploring the intersection of ecology, caring for the earth and a Buddhist or mindfulness path.

Changing Directions

“On April 29th …I will be marching not only on behalf of people here in the U.S. but on behalf of people all around the world… especially those whose voices will never reach our leaders.” Join Bhikkhu Bodhi and hundreds of ecosattvas at the People’s Climate Mobilization. Here’s why this mobilization is crucial.

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Walking the Boddhisatva Path: Soto Zen Climate Statement

In anticipation of our live, webinar featuring Hozan Senauke on Sunday, April 2, to open our “Month of Deepening Engagement,” we bring you the Western Soto Zen Buddhist Association’s statement on the climate crisis.

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New York Insight’s Budding EcoSangha

Rising out of the experience of taking the EcoSattva Training, together, a local group is finding the inspiration, courage and determination to heal themselves and their world.

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Autonomism and the Women’s March

“What the Women’s March has achieved …. is the fundamental cultural shift from power over to power with …. from from competition to compassion.” Dharma scholar Shaun Bartone reflects on our common cause for the dignity and liberation and all beings.

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Earth Holder Retreat: For a Future to Be Possible

Join the Thích Nhất Hạnh community at Deer Park in Southern California for this special retreat to grow in our energy and skillful means as we engage the great perils of our time.

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A Community Conversation

Join a community conversation this Sunday, Dec. 6 to explore future activities and offerings from One Earth Sangha.

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Time to Stand Up: New Sangha Events Directory

If there was a moment to get involved, this is it. Taking a cue from Vipassana teacher and activist Thanissara’s new book, we are announcing a new capability to join or add events that develop and demonstrate our interdependence with all of life!

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Answering the Call

Come, let’s face this together. Join One Earth Sangha, the amazing Joanna Macy, rev angel Kyodo williams and a powerful collection of other leaders for our online, interactive EcoSattva Training. This is our crisis and our opportunity for transformation.

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Proclaiming Unity: Kootenay Shambhala Joins the Global Climate Chorus

The Kootenay Shambhala sangha joins the Global Climate Chorus on Sunday, June 28, at noon local time as a proclamation of belief in the basic goodness – buddhanature – of our selves and of society.

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Zen Center NYC: Earth Initiative Public Workshop

Come learn about the Earth Initiative at the Zen Center of New York City. This special workshop is tailored for other sister-sanghas who are eager to hear about the Zen Center NYC’s 5-year project to live in harmony with our mother earth.

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