Local Engaged Sanghas

In response to the climate crisis, other forms of environmental degredation and the basic motivation to connect explore our interdependence with the biosphere, a number of local “earth” or “green” sanghas have formed. Some are mature, others are just getting organized. We all know the power of local so we at One Earth Sangha want to do all that we can to support these groups by helping you find one another, building awareness in local communities, sharing earth-dharma as well as ideas for caring practice in action.

We’ll provide overviews and updates from each local earth sangha as well as website and contact information to help you make the connection.

If you have a green group you’d like us to know about, send an email to connect@1earthsangha.org.

Of Endings and Risings

In this intensely personal piece, Thanissara reflects on the events of 2018 and the unprecedented challenges to humanity they represent. She invites us to perceive their deep roots in the domination mindset and how we can, out of sheer necessity, respond with a fierce clarity of heart.

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New York Insight’s Budding EcoSangha

Rising out of the experience of taking the EcoSattva Training, together, a local group is finding the inspiration, courage and determination to heal themselves and their world.

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Earth Holder Retreat: For a Future to Be Possible

Join the Thích Nhất Hạnh community at Deer Park in Southern California for this special retreat to grow in our energy and skillful means as we engage the great perils of our time.

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Time to Stand Up: New Sangha Events Directory

If there was a moment to get involved, this is it. Taking a cue from Vipassana teacher and activist Thanissara’s new book, we are announcing a new capability to join or add events that develop and demonstrate our interdependence with all of life!

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Proclaiming Unity: Kootenay Shambhala Joins the Global Climate Chorus

The Kootenay Shambhala sangha joins the Global Climate Chorus on Sunday, June 28, at noon local time as a proclamation of belief in the basic goodness – buddhanature – of our selves and of society.

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Zen Center NYC: Earth Initiative Public Workshop

Come learn about the Earth Initiative at the Zen Center of New York City. This special workshop is tailored for other sister-sanghas who are eager to hear about the Zen Center NYC’s 5-year project to live in harmony with our mother earth.

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Sitting in Protest of ‘Gross Negligence’

Joining with other spiritual traditions and artists, the Dharma Action Network for Climate Engagement (DANCE) organized a protest against “Gross Negligence” on the part of British Petroleum. This is how we can “multiply our courage.”

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This Is the Time

Brother Protection (Thay Phap Ho), a monk in the Thich Nhat Hanh tradition, urges all of us to reach out to our fellow sangha members and encourage them to join in on The People’s Climate March, Sept 21 for this global moment of consciousness.

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Emotional Resilience in a Warming World

In many ways, our practice is preparation for intensity. Impending climate change can therefore be seen as an individual, communal and global call to practice. Our friends at Melbourne Insight Meditation are exploring how the path of awakening can help us stay present and true to our nature.

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Earth Holding and Protecting: Engaged Buddhist Theme Weekend

On April 11-13, 2014, Deer Park Monastery gathered the community for an engaged Buddhism weekend retreat to nurture Earth Holding practices and a joyful, sustainable lifestyle.

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