Touch the Earth Forum

Local Earth Sangha in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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In the heart of oil country, the Touch the Earth Forum is acutely aware of the level of environmental destruction and social disruption brought about by corporate greed for dirty fossil fuels and compliant governments. We join others in acknowledging that environmental destruction is the single greatest problem facing humanity. With this impetus and following the 2010 visit of Thrangu Rinpoche to Edmonton, the Touch the Earth Forum began as a way to explore buddhist perspectives on environmental issues, such as sustainability, biodiversity, and degradation of soil, air and water. We believe buddhism has a unique understanding of the environment that is practical, spiritual and yet fits the science. As deep ecology buddhism works on the inner self and outer world, and engenders compassion and responsibility towards all sentient beings. The Touch the Earth Forum is a non-sectarian group of buddhist practitioners who welcome beginner’s minds as well as the minds of crusty elders. It serves as an umbrella for both a study practice group as well as an evolving action group that wishes to connect with other buddhist, faith and environmental groups to find common ground for dialog and engagement on environmental issues.

The once a month Forum study meetings begin with meditation and ton-glen practice, followed by discussion of a book, video or specific topic, or with a guest. There are no memberships, fees, officers or elections. We are an evolving community that emphasizes personal practice along with our role in the larger society of sentient beings. Our planned activities will be outlined in this space.

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Touch the Earth in January/February

Reflections and activities from the Touch the Earth Sangha in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

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