Climate Dharma

Our situation requires the essence of the mindfulness practice: to see, accept and respond to the way things are with wisdom and compassion. We cannot prevent what is already underway: a warming planet. This is the Dharma of conscientious response.

Accessing Natural Wisdom: The Work that Reconnects

How can we uncover and sustain our own power to respond to a challenge as ominous as global climate change? In honor of Earth Day on April 22nd, we offer an introduction to the skillful means of Buddhist scholar and renowned activist, Joanna Macy and the Work that Reconnects.

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Interrupting the Trance of Disconnection

Can we harm the earth without harming ourselves? The teaching of interdependence clarifies that we cannot. In this 3rd of our 4-part series, Chas Dicapua looks at how we can begin to shift our relationship to the earth by simply looking closely at cause and effect.

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How Did We Come to This?

Our focus on sense-pleasures comes at a price. How we view our relationship with the Earth determines how we care for it … or not. In this 2nd in our 4-part series, Chas Dicapua explores the roots of global climate change.

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Inspiration and Joy
Amidst Suffering and Loss

Dharma teacher James Baraz describes how being with what is difficult, on any level from deeply personal loss to the immensity of climate change, can lead us to surprising freedom.

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The Earth as Witness: International Dharma Teachers’ Statement on Climate Change

The global sangha of Buddhist and mindfulness teachers and practitioners is invited to join Dharma teachers from around the world in signing this new statement on climate change.

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Attending to Suffering

Why pay attention to climate change? Because it is happening. In this first of a four-part series of posts transcribed from a July 2013 talk “The Dharma of Climate Change,” Dharma teacher Chas DiCapua invites us to attend, as part of our practice, to what is present and causing suffering.

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A Calling for Our Time: Feedback on Teachers’ Statement

The Earth, #1

Dharma teachers from around the globe have been working since June on a statement that clarifies the relationship between the Dharma and climate disruption and the responsibility Buddhists have to meaningfully engage in the issue. Now they want your feedback.

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Responding with Wisdom: Feedback on 16 Core Principles

What are the Dharma principles that can motivate and inform our response to climate change? A group of more than 30 teachers from various Buddhist traditions offer this list and now they want your feedback.

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Spiritual Ecology – The Cry of the Earth

The Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh was asked what we need to do to save our world. “What we most need to do,” he replied, “is to hear within us the sound of the earth crying.”

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