Caring Practice

prayer-flags-torn-stripCaring for the earth and all beings, human and non-human, is caring for ourselves. In this stream, we explore the various forms of practice that embody that care:

  • Earth Meditations
    Practices for individuals to undertake on their own or in sangha to cultivate connections to the earth, our larger body.
  • Living Green
    Inspiration, strategies and resources for reducing our carbon emissions and waste as well as other ways of contributing to a healthy planet.
  • Wise Speech & Action
    Opportunities for speaking and acting with others on how we can respond to the reality of climate change with wisdom and compassion.

Coming Together for Earth Care Week

Many sanghas are gathering to share teachings, raise funds and awareness during the first annual Earth Care Week. We’re exploring as a community the threat of climate change as ground for our awakening.

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Letter to President Barack Obama

Syncrude Aurora Oil Sands Mine, north of Fort McMurray, Canada.

We have an opportunity to join a growing number of Buddhist leaders and the Buddhist community in urging U.S. President Obama to reject the Keystone XL pipeline.

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Announcing Earth Care Week

Wise action in the face of climate change can be an important and satisfying part of our practice. We invite you to join us in Earth Care Week, an annual expression of brave presence with the natural world in this time of great change.

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