Living Green

Frameworks and resources for reducing our carbon emissions and waste as well as other ways of contributing to a healthy planet.

Launching a New Campaign: Living the Change

Communities of meaning are stepping up to live the change we need. Join us and in a multi-faith initiative for living in sustainable relationship with and for the web of life.

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Green Vesak: Ebullience and Emergence

On the annual occasion of Vesak, Amelia Willaims uses poetry to explore our relationship with nature and our own Buddha nature.

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Global Climate Prayer

In accordance with the global climate talks in Paris, join Buddhists around the world in practices to develop awareness of interdependence with all beings and reduce our carbon emissions.

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Biggest Party in Human History

For one hour, use your power to change the world. Climate change is the great teacher of our interdependence, with each other and Earth. Open to this wonder by turning off your lights for one Earth Hour tonight at 8:30 pm, wherever you are.

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Earth Care Week, 2014

Join Dharma teachers and practitioners the world over in observing the second annual Earth Care Week, October 5–12. Let’s come together to celebrate love for the Earth and engage in wise action on her behalf.

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Holding Space: Reflecting on the First Earth Care Week

With the first annual Earth Care Week concluding, we invite you reflect with us on your experiences, insights and ideas. Let’s explore what it means to express a Buddhist response to climate change.

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