Caring Practice

prayer-flags-torn-stripCaring for the earth and all beings, human and non-human, is caring for ourselves. In this stream, we explore the various forms of practice that embody that care:

  • Earth Meditations
    Practices for individuals to undertake on their own or in sangha to cultivate connections to the earth, our larger body.
  • Living Green
    Inspiration, strategies and resources for reducing our carbon emissions and waste as well as other ways of contributing to a healthy planet.
  • Wise Speech & Action
    Opportunities for speaking and acting with others on how we can respond to the reality of climate change with wisdom and compassion.

Earth Care Week and Living the Change

Once again, as part of Earth Care Week, we invite Sangha’s around the world to turn the light of the Dharma towards the ecological crises we all face and the possibility of an empowered, connected and even joyful response.

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The Personal and the Political: Rise for Climate Action

Grounded in compassion and right understanding, we come together once again to insist on bold, clear, and pervasive structural change. We invite you to take your place in this moment by organizing or joining Rise for Climate Action events in San Francisco and around the world.

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Launching a New Campaign: Living the Change

Communities of meaning are stepping up to live the change we need. Join us and in a multi-faith initiative for living in sustainable relationship with and for the web of life.

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Confronting Whiteness and Privilege in Eco-Dharma

Eco-Dharma…must confront whiteness and privilege in order to “create earnest inter-dependent communities that understand that different people have different privilege and abilities,” and seek to act on that understanding.

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A Plea For the Animals

An eco-dharma argument for not eating meat from Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard.

In writing about the ecodharma of not eating meat, Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard says, “The most striking quality that humans and animals have in common is the capacity to experience suffering.”

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When the Tree Stops Bearing Fruit

Buddhism emphasizes that our individual actions affect the world around us, and it follows that caring for the natural world begins with each of us.

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Love Letter to New Activists

Following the People’s Climate Mobilization, we might ask “was that effective?” or “what next?” In her warm and wise letter to new activists, long-time engaged environmentalist, Sarah Vekasi, addresses the importance of a mindful approach to becoming and staying engaged.

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Green Vesak: Ebullience and Emergence

On the annual occasion of Vesak, Amelia Willaims uses poetry to explore our relationship with nature and our own Buddha nature.

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Mobilizing on Behalf of Life

As Buddhists we are committed to the “timeless values of compassion, peace and wisdom.” Ven. Bikkhu Bhodhi calls on us to mobilize in “inspired action to protect the climate.”

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Let’s Stand Up Together

Can Buddhist leaders and teachers advocate for social and climate justice yet steer clear of political affiliation? Bikkhu Bodhi encourages bold but non-partisan engagement, envisioning a pan-Buddhist alliance to protect of all vulnerable beings.

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