Embody Fierce Compassion Banner

With your donation to One Earth Sangha of $300 or more, we will send you a hand-made one of a kind banner like those that were carried through the streets of New York City at the People’s Climate March in 2015.


If you haven’t yet donated and are interested in a banner, please do so first and then return here:

This banner with the slogan “Embody Fierce Compassion” is approximately 2’x3′, silk screened on linen. As these are made by hand, each is slightly different. The cost of materials and shipping within the continental US is $50 so your donation to our organization will be valued at $250. For international shipping, we’ll need to charge the difference so just send us an email and we’ll work it out. Your banner will be made and shipped within 10 weeks.

  • In case there is a problem with getting your banner to you.
  • Will this banner be used in a Dharma or other faith center? If so, what is the name of that center?