Sept 20 Climate Strike: Register a Local Meeting Place

As part of the global climate strike in solidarity with youth, use this form to register a meeting place that’s at or near the larger event in your area for Buddhist / Mindfulness folks to gather. 

Just a reminder that in collaboration with the main event organizer, make sure you’ve already RSVP’d there.

If we get more than five or so entries, we’ll make and share a map. Thanks for helping us to build momentum!

  • This will be displayed as the title of your gathering
  • :
  • Place name for the address, for instance, Ferry Park or Civic Plaza.
  • What do folks need to know to get there (closest bus stop?). Feel free to share a website with more details.
  • Optional name for an individual who people can contact using either the email address or phone number below.
  • Optional email address for questions and suggestions.
  • Optional. You might include a phone number for someone who can be available to help folks find you.