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Invitation Template for Group Organizers

We provide the text below for group organizers as a starting point for emails, newsletters or other outreach. Feel free to use this image as an attachment. Here’s a print-quality PDF (download).

Join Us for the EcoSattva Training:
Together at an Edge

Together, we stand at an edge, an edge of danger and opportunity, peril and possibility, turbulence and transformation. As the climate crisis moves from being abstract, far away and in the future to self-evident in the here-and-now, human society risks a collective swing from one version of problematic response to another. Those previously in some form of denial, distraction or disavow may move through the narrow window of acceptance and straight into anxiousness, hopelessness, or enraged. To be thoroughly aware of the dramatic changes underway while remaining authentically helpful is to learn to stay with profound uncertainty, to metabolize a mind-boggling and heart-breaking situation to the point of compassionate clarity and finally to move into deeply rooted, durable, and active response. This is essentially a spiritual task, a job that only big stories and deep practices can hold.

With the support our tradition’s wisdom and practices, we invite you to join us in One Earth Sangha’s EcoSattva Training to come together at this edge. Drawing on insights from Buddhism and the growing field of climate psychology, we will explore our thoughts and feelings about the climate crisis so we can respond to it authentically, positively and whole-heartedly. Together, we’ll explore this time of intensifying change and cultivate the wisdom and compassion that can carry us forward.

Starting [Start date] and meeting [every | every other | other] [day of the week], we’ll be gathering not only as a local community but with others around the world for this unique online course featuring some of the most powerful voices today at the intersection of mindfulness, Buddhist practice and ecological crises. Each session will include background materials, a core session video featuring a leading voice in ecodharma, inquires we can explore individually and together, follow up materials and more. In addition to our own gathering, all registered participants will be invited to join monthly live conversations for all those registered for the training around the world.

Individual registration fee is $150 USD (sliding scale) with discounts for groups such as ours. We can save at least 15% each on that price and if there are eight or more who are interested, each participant will get 30% off. That said, if you can’t afford the registration fee, One Earth Sangha has a scholarship program; no one will be turned away for lack of funds. The scholarship application can be found at https://oneearthsangha.org/programs/ecosattva-training/v3/scholarship-application/.

You can find out more about the course at https://oneearthsangha.org/ecosattva.

If you are interested, please contact [group organizer(s) names and email(s)] so we can provide you with the information you’ll need to receive the discount and join our group. Please feel free to share this with others who may be interested.

Contact [group organizer(s) names and email(s)] if you have any questions.

We hope you will join us!