Sign Up for an Online EcoSattva Sangha

Sangha is all-important. As part of the EcoSattva Training, we are excited to support participants coming together either in local groups or “virtually” by phone or online.

We will form online EcoSattva Sanghas composed of participants who want to be in a Support Sangha but don’t have access to an in-person meeting (to check if there’s one in your area, see the growing list of local groups here). In virtual or online groups, individuals participate in the live sessions on Sundays on their own (or optionally with others). Online EcoSattva Sanghas will then come together at a different time to reflect on the Sunday session and provide mutual support for engagement projects.

Each group will need one facilitator who need not be a Dharma teacher or have much experience beyond just a willingness to facilitate a discussion where everyone’s voice is heard and all perspectives are honored. If you’re interested in playing a facilitator role, you will receive guidance from our EcoSattva Sangha teacher, Susie Harrington who is the lead Dharma teacher at Desert Dharma and an adviser for One Earth Sangha. Once groups are identified, it will be the responsibility of the facilitator and the group itself to find a time between the Sunday live sessions in which to meet as well as a means of connecting (free conference line, Skype, Google Hangouts, Facetime, etc.).

Note that if you’re already stated your interested in an online sangha, you need not fill out the form below (though it doesn’t hurt).

Sign Up for an Online EcoSattva Sangha here: