EcoSattva Sanghas

As part of the EcoSattva Training, we are encouraging and supporting the formation of local or virtual small groups.  Engaging with climate change is a chance to collaborate – and we will need to!  To engage together is to know that we are not only part of the web of life, but also a part of the web of support and action. These groups provide an opportunity for people to engage in the training, receive support for their engagement projects all while deepening relationships with others. You may choose to form your own group with people from your local sangha or participate in groups organized by One Earth Sangha. Groups will be self-organized with a point person who will receive guidance from our EcoSattva Sangha teacher, Susie Harrington who is the lead Dharma teacher at Desert Dharma and an adviser for One Earth Sangha.



Groups should gather in a way that best supports the individuals and the development of sangha. Here are a few example formats:
In-Person Session Sanghas
In this format, a group of individuals gathers together either to participate in the call on Sundays or to listen to the recorded session. After the session is over the local sangha would continue in discussion after the online session has ended to reflect on what was offered and provide mutual support for engagement projects.

If the sangha meets for the live session, a single line is shared by the gathering. We hope to have web-cams for the teachers so a shared screen visible to the gathering is ideal, but not required. When the time comes for break-out group discussions, the facilitator should “opt out” of the online break-out groups and instead direct the in-person sangha to break out into (pre-arranged) groups of four practitioners.

In this style, one person registers for the full group and registration fees are discounted based on the group size.

Adjunct In-Person Support Sanghas
In this format, individuals participate on their own (or with others) in the live session on Sundays (or a recording if they can’t make the live call). The Adjunct Support Sangha would gather in-person at a different time to reflect on the Training session and provide mutual support for engagement projects. In this style, individuals register and pay for their participation in the course separately.

Check here for a list of local in-person groups that are coming together to either participate as a group in the online sessions or to get together some other time between sessions. These are all open for you to join them so contact the group facilitator to get details of time and place. And if you have a group but it’s not listed, please register your group in the form below (as part of registering yourself for the training) and let us know if you have any problems.

Online Support Sanghas
One Earth Sangha hopes to find facilitators to host ad-hoc phone sessions for those who want to be in a Support Sangha but don’t have access to an in-person meeting. In this format, individuals participate on their own (or with others) at the live sessions on Sundays. Once the group is assigned, they will work together to find a time to meet to reflect on the Sunday session and provide mutual support for engagement projects. Again in this style, individuals register and pay for their participation in the course separately.

Each group will have its own flavor and style. As a group leader, you are invited to be creative and responsive, bring your own wisdom and experience, and explore with your group what will work best. As a participant you are encouraged to join a group. If there isn’t one already being organized in your area, we encourage you to offer to facilitate a group.

Facilitator/Leader Support

Groups may be led by an individual, co-lead (recommended for added flexibility), or peer led with rotating facilitation. Throughout the training, additional support materials will be shared between group leaders, with suggested discussion topics, questions, and possible generic action suggestions that will need to be locally adapted. Teachers, Susie Harrington and Erin Selover, will be offering their guidance through an online forum and in conference calls.

If you are planning to lead a group, please sign up below. Your group will be listed here and you will be contacted with additional resources and online forum information.

Fees and Dana

We would offer this course on a pure dana basis if we could. Unfortunately, there are upfront and substantial costs associated with presenting this training which are addressed by the basic registration fee. Individuals who will be participating in the Training on their own or with one other person (and not as part of one of the In-Person Session Sanghas described above) can pay the standard fee of $108, the discounted fee for those of limited means of $54 or to sponsor the Training and support the participation of others, $216 ($108 of this is a donation).

The registration fee for In-Person Session Sanghas (described above) is based on the approximate number of people in your group. Three to five people in a group is $250. Each additional member is then $20. Use the value calculated below as the amount of your PayPal payment. If you don’t know how many will be in your group, make a conservative estimate and then return to this page when you’re ready.


Some groups have elected to offer two baskets for dana: one for the teaching, i.e. One Earth Sangha, and one for ongoing support of your meditation center. You may offer the One Earth Sangha dana to us through our donation page every week or only after the end of the course, either deeply appreciated.



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