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Group NameSky_Dancer_Earth
Meeting length (hours:minutes)1:00

For more information and/or signing up for our group Sky Dancer Earth is hosting the EcoSattva training online from February 11th 2021go to our website or contact Lama Chimey at moc.d1611468744lrowr1611468744ecnad1611468744yks@y1611468744emihc1611468744amal1611468744 directly. Looking forward to have you in our group!

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One Comment on “Sky_Dancer_Earth

  1. Hello One Earth Sangha. I live in Boulder, CO and am looking for a group to join as a cohort for the Ecosattva training. I work full-time 9a-5p M-F. Any group video meetings would have to be outside this as it sits in Mountain Standard Time. Be well and stay safe. – Ryan

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