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11 Comments on “EcoSattva Training - Live Monthly Gatherings

  1. Can we send you a request to send a message along to group members?
    I’d like to follow up with some ideas that people shared.

    • Hi Elisse,
      I was in your group, and if you want to connect with you via personal email.

  2. This second live Zoom session was even more wonderful than the first. Thank you Kristen
    and Lou and your tech helpers. The breakout group was wonderful and enriching. It’s an honor and privilege to be with this sangha, sadhu, sadhu, sadhu.


  3. I just attended the Jan.12 live session. Technology for the breakout group was fine and I enjoyed meeting 2 other participants.

  4. Thank you to all.
    Mentioned in our breakout group: dharmaseed: Thanissara from 8 January 2015- a contemplation of interconnection and uncertainty with the first 3 paramis

  5. I’m so grateful I attended the live call despite feeling I didn’t have the mental and heart energy. How ironic to have found it so energizing. Connecting with others and collectively processing fear, despair, and anxiety is healing. Great content from Kristin and Lou– I’ll return to the transcript and also grateful to my breakout room peers for their vulnerability and wisdom.

  6. I have enjoyed these first two sessions – thank you for putting it all together!
    The main reason I joined this Ecosattva training is to get the dharmic view on climate change and how we can respond to it. I have studied some aspects of Engaged Buddhism and have worked to incorporate those teachings in my life and the world. I also am at a point in my spiritual study where I practice conscious awareness, undifferentiated awareness, just being, accepting what is, just being the observer. I would be very interested to hear your take on these two ends of the spectrum and the value of each.
    much metta
    Jim Bolton

  7. Hi all, thank you so much for that wonderful Sangha today (12 Jan). One question I have is how do we show we agree with what someone is saying? I could see there is a clap and thumbs up icon, but couldn’t see that anything happened when I clicked on it. It’s nice to give people feedback and support as they speak.

    When we’re in breakout groups I suggested we do hand waving like we do in XR, which is very useful as it shows people agree without any noise interruption, which is important on Zoom. Maybe you’d like to offer that as a suggestion for the breakout groups?

    Finally, I produce a radio show called Our Positive Future for Rebel Radio (part of Extinction Rebellion in the UK, but can be heard anywhere) and this has inspired me to do a show on the role of fire, managing our land and communities for and with fire, understanding the ecological role of fire, and coping with the grief of the fires around the globe and their impacts. Would Lou be willing to come on? I don’t have a date yet but we can chat on email – I am moc.c1579376084am@ta1579376084ehweu1579376084s1579376084 I’m in London so we could either arrange a time you could be live on the show (it’s 11am-12pm on alternate Fridays), or we could have a chat separately sometime and I could record you, or I could edit from this amazing presentation you just did, which might be the easiest. Let me know what would be best for you.

    Many thanks for everything you’re doing. This is a wonderful group and set of resources.

  8. I am facilitating an Eco-Sattva training group at my local sangha, and we can only meet for 50 minutes due to limitations at the space where we meet. Could the leaders of these live sessions suggest how to modify the format for a shorter session? We won’t have time to watch an entire training module together, so I am suggesting people watch on their own, but wonder if there are any excerpts from modules available, or other suggestions. We are a small group. Thank you!

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