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Group NameXRDC_Dharma_and_Friends
Meeting length (hours:minutes)2:00

I have created an online group to make scheduling easier and to permit people to participate without having to travel significant distances

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3 Comments on “XRDC_Dharma_and_Friends

  1. Dear fellows,

    I miss a map listing Europen Ecosattva Training Groups in person or online open to interested people who look for a support group.
    Does it exist? Perhaps I only was not able to find it?

    Warm regards from Germany

  2. P.S. Why aren’t there any Ecosattva groups visible in the map of Germany ?

    • Hi Christina,
      did you find a group or other persons in Germany or in Europe?
      Best regards
      Dieter – from Frakfurt/M. – Germany

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