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We’re so glad you’re interested in forming a group to take the EcoSattva Training together. In order to access course materials, all group members must register and, once your group is created, can do so at the group registration rate.

While it’s easy enough to share the materials and video with others in your in-person group who are not registered, we request that all who participate in more than one session go ahead and register for the training. This helps us understand the reach of our training and improve future offerings. If anyone lacks financial means, we are providing scholarship support (see the application here).

Once you create a group using the form below, you can use our invitation template as a starting point for gathering your community. Be sure to share the link that we provide you with your group members to use on their registration form. You, as a group organizer, will use this same link when you register for the training.

Important Considerations for Facilitators

There are several decisions and considerations:


New this year, you can start anytime, November, December, even January, and move at the pace that’s best for you and your group, weekly, every other week, or even monthly. We’ll be offering live monthly conversations, where all participants can join from around the world, on Sundays at 12:30 US Eastern beginning December 8. These will continue through March, 2020 and materials for the training will be available at least through June 2020.

If your group will be open and listed in our directory, you’ll want to decide on a date by which members must join. This will help you establish trust and cohesiveness. You might choose to make this on or even after the first meeting of your schedule.

Group Name

To receive the group discount, you and the other members provide the group name that you will specify in the name below.

Open to New Members?

Group leaders have the option of having their group listed in our groups directory as open to others in the One Earth Sangha community and providing an approximate location, schedule and an (obfuscated) email address as a means of contacting you for more details.

In-Person or Online Location?

In-person groups are a great way to build local community around the intersection of Buddhist/mindfulness and ecological well-being. You might gather at local Dharma, community centers or member homes, with the opportunity to rotate hosts.

Online groups can include people from all over the world and offer a wonderful experience of a globally responsive community. Online groups that are open will be listed with the start time and associated time zone. By providing your time zone, others anywhere in the world can join you so long as it works well in their home time zone. If your group ends up with international membership, you’ll want to take note of the any changes to or from daylight savings which occur over the course of your series. To host an online group, you’ll need to decide on a platform for meeting (free platforms include Skype, Google Hangouts, or and more).

Group Size

Participants who register as part of a group will receive a discount and groups larger than eight (perhaps larger sitting groups, Sanghas and Dharma centers) will receive a larger discount.

  • Individual: $150
  • Groups with three to seven members: $135
  • Groups with eight or more members: $108

If you don’t know how many folks will join you, take your best guess. We know you’ll do your best. That said, if your group turns out to be larger than you expect, let us know as we might be able to refund a portion of participants’ fees.

If you any members of your group, including you, can’t afford the fee, a scholarship application will be available as part of registration. No one will ever be turned away for lack of funds.

When register a group you’ll receive a special link to send your prospective members that contains your discount code.


New this year, we’ll be offering a facilitators’ guide a week before the training begins. We’ll email all registered facilitators with the access information.


We have answers. Check out our FAQ here and if that doesn’t answer your question, send an email to gro.a1585539988hgnas1585539988htrae15855399881@tce1585539988nnoc1585539988.

Register Your Group