Conference on Interbeing: Transforming Conflict by Compassion with Exposure

Conference on Interbeing: Transforming Conflict by Compassion with Exposure
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Date(s) - Nov 22, 2017 - Nov 26, 2017
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Hong-Shi Buddhist College

Event Sponsor and Host
the International Network of Engaged Buddhists

The International Network of Engaged Buddhists 18th General Conference

As the International Network of Engaged Buddhists (INEB) seeks to further empower its own network and support efforts by like-minded colleagues from different faiths and different fields of endeavor, we will host the 18th  International Conference as part of this roadmap for the coming decade in Taiwan in November, 2017 entitled “A Conference on Interbeing, Transforming Conflict by Compassion”. While environmental integrity, cultural inclusivity & diversity, inner peace & psychological wholeness, and socio-political justice constitute our goals, compassion is one of our principle means, and conflict is our field. In keeping with our core Buddhist view of non-duality, conflict provides a rich field for our practice, without which we could not practice compassion. Therefore, conflict is not our enemy, but actually the ground for realization, hence we transform conflict as we realize compassion, the two working together in a creative dynamic. In our conference, we will investigate these themes further through a program of exposure, conference, and retreat covering one week.

Exposure Days

Exposure Days (Nov. 22-23): two days of visiting two of Taiwan’s prominent Buddhist orders, Dharma Drum Mountain and Tzu Chi Foundation, with a variety of special exposures to Taiwanese engaged Buddhism, the Buddha EducationalFoundation and Dharma Center Yin-Yi, including a symposium on dying and hospice care, a visit to a Buddhist hospital, and a massive, elderly volunteer run recycling campaign.

Conference Days

Conference Days (Nov. 24-26): two and a half days of general conference to delve into the conference theme of “Interbeing, Transforming Conflict by Compassion” while engaging in a deeper exploration of Taiwanese engaged Buddhism. Afternoons will be spent learning and engaging with the wider INEB community on the many interests and activities of the international network, which include Taiwanese engaged Buddhist activities. The conference will conclude with reflections and action plans from these afternoon sessions, an update on INEB’s 10-Year Road Map for Socially Engaged Buddhism, and a final reflection from our Taiwanese hosts.

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This event is hosted by the International Network of Engaged Buddhists.
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