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What happened at COP26?

By SGI-UK and The Centre for Applied Buddhism

© NOAA from Unsplash
© NOAA from Unsplash

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SGI-UK and The Centre for Applied Buddhism

From the Organizer:

Following COP26 in Glasgow, and as we look ahead to COP27 in Egypt, SGI-UK and the Centre for Applied Buddhism (CfAB) will continue the series of webinars looking at the climate crisis.

On Thursday 27 January at 7pm, we will start by looking at what was achieved in Glasgow, both in the Blue Zone where the negotiations took place as well as the series of events organised by SGI and the Centre for Applied Buddhism in Websters Theatre as part of the COP26 Climate Fringe, and other events in Glasgow.

Chaired by Harley Loudon, the change agents who will be contributing to this webinar will include Joan Anderson (Japan), Alex Goossens-Ishii (Switzerland), Chiara De Pauli (Italy), and from the UK: Jamie Cresswell, Olivia Fuchs, Robert Harrap, Lucy Plummer and Ana Romero.

SGI-UK and The Centre for Applied Buddhism  is the host of this event. Please contact them with any questions.

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