Explore the interconnection, the intersectionality, the interbeingness of ecological-social-racial justice. We will nourish ourselves with Earth-based mindfulness practice, connect with the beauty and safety of the present moment, and gain fresh insight on how to be and do at this time of profound societal and climate disruption.

Lay and monastic Plum Village teachers from diverse cultures and histories will explore these themes:
Week 1Cultivating Wise/Right Earth Justice View,

with Kaira Jewel Lingo and John Bell

Week 2Healing and Transforming Racism and Social Inequity,

with Sandra Kim and Nomi Green

Week 3Healing Grief, Despair, Fear, and Powerlessness,

with Renuka Bhakta and Jassy Denison

Week 4Nurturing Earth through Community,

with Sr. True Vow and George Hoguet

Week 5Earth Ethics,

with Brian Kimmel and Stephanie Knox Steiner

Week 6Right Action and Earth Justice,

with Aurora Leon and Br. Phap Man

+November 7: Going Forth–A live panel discussion,

with our teachers