Dana/Donation Based

The UN report is clear, the planet is under threat, and we all need to act and act quickly. We need our voices to be heard, protest and get involved. But what happens if we are not the fighting kind? How can we help the earth and all its beings from our cushion? Can a contemplative approach to climate change make a tangible difference? This is an invitation to sit still with the heart of the challenge of these times, with Dharma and poetry as our guide, as we deepen our resolve to engage and respond for the love of Mother Nature and her sacred web of life.

About Fabrizio
Fabrizio, who is based in Rome, has been practicing Vipassana meditation for over 20 years in the Mahasi tradition under the guidance of Sayadaw Vivekananda in (Lumbini,Nepal) Michelle MacDonald Stephen Smith (Hawaii and Burma), and Lynne Bousfield (Australia). For the past three years, he has been training with Kittisaro and Thanissara with whom he has just completed their first Dharmapala training in the US. He is the founder and guiding teacher at Ashoka Centro di Consapevolezza in Rome Italy.