This powerful program explores how individual well being, the well being of our communities, and the well being of our earth is directly related to social justice and environmental health.

Environmental expert Dekila Chungyalpa explores the power of spiritual ecology and faith-led movements in comparison to the results of racism and neoliberalism on our individual and social well being. Zen priest and climate scientist Kritee Kanko will look at what science tells us is necessary to confront the climate crisis under Biden administration and what role our friendships can play in deepening our engagement with the climate and racial justice movement. Heather Toney McTeer, environmental justice liaison for the Environmental Defense Fund, explores the issues related to race, environmental toxicity and how we can heal through climate justice, through the lens of her work as a social and environmental activist. Law Professor Rhonda Varette Magee will invite an inquiry into the relationship between racism, environmental justice, and Buddhist teachings and practice. Roshi Joan speaks to the development of moral character and resilience as we face the depredations of our climate catastrophe and as we activate the power of socially engaged practice.

Together, we explore the emotional and psychological impacts of environmental degradation and climate change and how we draw from our faith and various contemplative methods to address them. The program is led by women who are leaders in the field of the environment and justice and who have strong spiritual practices that support them as they face today’s challenges related to inequity and climate and social health.