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Photo by Chris Nemeth on Unsplash
Photo by Chris Nemeth on Unsplash

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This retreat is an opportunity to meet together online to support working for good in our locality. By tuning into the feeling of sangha as a community of support, we can go beyond what we feel is possible alone.

The first style of Sacred Places retreats will be a clean up. We will have a day of action in each of our local areas, perhaps you’ve already noticed a nature spot you would love to see cleaner than it is right now.

If you’re near an ocean or a waterway, a woodland or fields, or a scrubland or a side of road, you will have noticed and can feel how our human nature is living in mother nature. This living planet is home to countless other beings, and it is time to act for them too.

We’ll meet in the morning via a Zoom call to establish our connection as a community of actors. We’ll have a meditation session together and a time for sharing our intentions. Then spend the day with the activity of cleaning. In the afternoon/evening we’ll meet again to share how our day has been: what we’ve learned, achieved, and transformed. Then we’ll close with a meditation.

This is the first event we’re doing with two communities in two time zones joining as one in spirit.

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 Europe/London timezone

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