Dana/Donation Based
Recordings will be available to all who sign-up.

This event is a fundraiser for the development of Sacred Mountain Sangha, our programs, classes, and retreats, including the launch of PAEAN – Peoples Alliance for Earth Action Now. PAEAN as an acronym indicates a joyous song rising in triumph and in this context, in praise of Earth. PAEAN is a Dharma informed Climate Justice initiative advocating for citizens to rise up in response to the urgency of this time.

The weekend includes talks by Kittisaro & Thanissara with special input from Andrew Harvey who coined the phrase “Sacred Activism.” Andrew is a much-loved teacher, author, and spiritual guide. It will also include a talk by meditation teacher Fabrizio Giuliani on courage inspired by the life of Ajahn Chah.

There’ll also be guided meditations, a sharing circle, devotional practice and a focus on the importance of cultivating community, refuge and resilience in these times. The weekend concludes with the Kuan Yin Compassion Ceremony dedicated to the protection of Mother Earth, her sacred web of life, and to dissolving the affliction of greed, hatred, and delusion within the minds of human beings.